• Labeling sets a person apart from others and connects the labeled individual to undesirable characteristics
  • avoidance and isolation can result
  • gifted and talented labels could have a negative impact
  • labeling in general can cause the student to become too concerned with the label
  • Special education labels can cause a child to feel unworthy and carry negative implications
  • Gifted child will feel as if they do not deserve to be labeled as gifted
  • A label my offend parents of disabled children because they may feel embarrassed or in denial
  • Labels focus on childs negative aspects (what they cannot do)
  • Holds low expectations for child
  • Disability becomes an excuse for childs behavior
  • Lables provide a basis fo rkeeping children out of the "regular" classroom
  • A labled child may develop poor self concept leading alienation of peers or bullying
  • Lables prevent children from being in the norm with other students
The Pros and Cons of Inclusion and Labeling (together II)