Cons of Inclusion
  • Labels are negative in their depiction of deficits
  • Labels become the defining characteristic of the person, denying their complex whole
  • The use of labels for identifying 'special education needs' fails to properly locate failure in the education system
  • The label may negatively impact the self-esteem of the student, unintentionally send the message that he or she is inferior, or influence others to treat them differently
  • "Good or smart kid" - child has tendency to place him/herself above other classmates; teachers may favor them
  • "Bad child" - this child is doomed from the start because this attitude presents an environment that is not conducive to sucess. All the child sees is failure, therefore, he or she feels that is their destiny or fate
  • Labels create stigma
  • A child might use a label as an excuse
  • A child with a disabilty affects the productivity of the classroom environment
  • Without an aide, the teacher has to adjust the lesson, therefore taking away valuable class time
  • Physical harm/danger
  • Child with the disability may feel exposed to their classmates, therefore creating a self-esteem problem
  • Teacher having low expectations based on a label

The Pros and Cons of Inclusion and Labeling (together)