The Pros of Inclusion

    • Children develop empathy and understand that allow everyone has different needs, we are all entitled to the same opportunities.
    • Students with disabilities are in a more socially and academically stimulating environment.
    • Students are part of the general education community.
    • General education students develop a better understanding of the diverse needs of people. It increases the self-esteem of the general education students, as they become more comfortable around all different types of children. This better prepares children for the diverse society that they will come across in the adult world.
    • Both special education and general education students are given the opportunity to learn from each other, allowing all students to share their strengths and have a leadership role.
    • All students benefit from having special education students included in a general education setting, as it encourages the teacher to better differentiate instruction and use a variety of teaching strategies.
    • Unclassified students also receive the benefits of an inclusion setting, when they are amidst the referral process.

      The Pros and Cons of Inclusion and Labeling (together)
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