Children with special needs

  • Recognizes every individual's right to be treated equally
  • Students with disabilities have the same services and opportunities as other students.
  • Families of students with disabilities can become more involved in their school community and won't feel isolated from the rest of the community.
  • Enhances self-respect
*Inclusion promotes the civil rights of all individuals, it supports the social value of equality.
*It provides children with a miniature model of the democratic process
General Education
*General education students serve as role models
*Students without disabilities have the opportunity to learn to be more accepting of individual differences.
*Students develop a sensitivity toward other students limitations.
  • Provides a diverse stimulating environment for all students to learn and grow in.
  • Teachers learn that every student has qualities that are good and it makes them appreciate differences as well.
  • Teachers develop team work skills and collaborative problem solving skills
  • Enhances accountability for everyone
The Pros and Cons of Inclusion and Labeling (together II)